'DC Diary,' The Podcast Hosted At D.C. Happy Hours, Returns For Season 2

“DC Diary” is capturing the conversations of the city again. The podcast that starts conversations with residents at happy hours around the District will be premiering its second season on July 24, according to creator Stephanie Logan.

Launched in March of 2017, the show is made up of chats at bars focused around one theme per episode. Logan sets up her makeshift sound booth at happy hours, coaxes interviewees inside, and has candid talks about happiness, burnout, and dating, among other topics. Now for Season 2, following its gold award win in the podcasting category at the DC Web Fest this spring, Logan and her new team are focusing on diversifying the voices in the booth. Topics this season include side hustles, drinking with co-workers after-hours and answering the question “when do you feel most like yourself?”

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Press Play: The Best Podcasts Made Here In The District

There is a bustling crowd at Penn Social’s happy hour before a Capitals game. The bar is a popular hangout spot for locals. And on any given night you’ll find people mingling, drinking, and playing hours of cornhole.

At a place like this, Stephanie Logan feels right at home.

This is an ideal crowd for her award winning podcast- DC Diary, which typically records during happy hour. A vibe that has led Logan and her team to winning gold at the DC Web Fest in April.

“It is really hard to get people to be personal when they are sitting in their office,” Logan says. “When I first started doing the show, I would interview people but the responses were more like a job interview. I wasn’t getting the kind of vulnerability, the kind of emotional connection I wanted. That’s when we started doing interviews over drinks.”

Logan says the city is what inspired her to start DC Diary in the first place- “What I heard about DC and the narrative that I had was not my lived experience.”

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School of Podcasting

Because Of My Podcast: Stephanie Logan

Stephanie does the DC Diary show (sharing stories of DC Professionals) and she explains how because of her podcast she was able to transition from a job that was more policy to now working in Media and communications.

Episode here. 

D.C.'s 11 Best Podcasts For Locals, By Locals That You Should Be Listening To

DC DIARY: If you must listen to a podcast about work, this is the one. The inquisitive Stephanie Logan brings together D.C. professionals to share candid stories, experiences, and genuine personal narratives about what it's really like to live and work in this town. DC Diary aims to facilitate a sense of community and provide a platform for "relationships that go beyond a business card."

Pubbed in DC: Podcasts

At 730DC, we’re committed to always learning about our city and finding ways to get more connected to it and its people. Recently, we asked readers to recommend their favorite made-in-DC podcasts. Not the NPR ones — though don’t get me wrong, I sure do love those — but the independent ones, the ones made by a couple friends in their row house-cum-studio down the street. The ones that touch on our lives here in DC and speak to something particular about the history, culture and experience of this city. The ones that acknowledge the “Washington”/“DC” divide and choose the “DC” part.

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AU graduate student produces podcast to tell real stories of DC

"AU graduate student Stephanie Logan premiered her new podcast, “DC Diary,” which focuses on the real and unpublicized lives of the people of D.C., at a preview party on March 22.

“DC Diary” is a podcast comprised of interviews Logan does with some of the people she knows around D.C. and sound bites taken from her recording happy hours about life in the city.

Colony Club, a coffee shop and bar in Columbia Heights, hosted the event and created an environment perfectly suited for the vast array of locals, radio producers and podcast hosts that filled the space. The spotlight of the night was podcasting: the people, ideas and the fans."

Full article here. 

You should hear these local podcasts

  • DC Diary prioritizes the personal over the political in asking people about their professional lives. Check out their first episode.

  • DC Diary is part of a podcast network called Goat Rodeo. They're gathering with the makers of their whole new slate of shows—including offerings on untold storiesfailure, and music—tonight at Colony Club. (7-11 pm)

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Things to Do in DC This Weekend (Nov 10-13): Election Decompression


ELECTION We’re sure everyone has a lot to say about the election. The folks at the DC Diary podcast are holding an election-themed Recording Happy Hour at Policy, where DC residents are invited to grab a drink and get into recording booth and share their thoughts and experiences on 2016. Free, 6 PM"