S1 Ep.6: Earth to Washington

January 22, 2018

Sometimes we get caught up in the crazy news cycle and we lose track of what's really going on around us. In this episode, we do a quick reality check for Washingtonians. At happy hour, you answered the question, "What's something everyone knows but no one wants to admit?" And Stephanie talks to Mike Gula, a Republican fundraiser, about what it's really like watching from the inside.

This is the last episode of Season 1 of DC Diary! Thanks for sticking with us over the past year. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates. We'll have new events and episodes for you soon. Our brand new theme song was composed by Bryson Kemp, you can find him at Other music in our episode was composed by Broke for Free, Miró Belle, Jahzzar, and Podington Bear.

Our sponsors for this episode are Time on the Hill and Pixel Eyewear. Adam Hainsfurther is our Executive Producer.

Listener Picks: Best First Date Spots in Washington, DC

December 11, 2017

We just published an article on Medium with 730DC !

Listener Picks: Best First Date Spots in Washington, DC

There are a few crucial pieces of information that every Washingtonian should keep in the back of their mind: the WMATA SafeTrack schedule, where the closest caffeine is to your current location, and whether or not Congress is in session. But arguably, for the young singles among us (hello!) nothing is more critical than knowing the best first date spots in the city. And not just knowing the best spots, but knowing when to use ’em.

So we at DC Diary asked our listeners to help us, help you. At a recent Recording Happy Hour, we asked our listeners to share their wisdom and tell us what is the best first date spot in DC and why they love it. So read on to see our picks, hear why, and even snag some deals for your next date!

Read the full article here!

S1 Ep.5: The One About Dating In DC

December 7, 2017

Forging relationships in DC can involve a certain amount of nuance - we trade business cards for friendship and flirt at receptions to find a date.  On this episode of DC Diary, we explore the dating scene and how we can meet and connect with other singles in the city.  Comedian and writer Jon Savitt and host Stephanie Logan come up with 5 tips to meet people in real life. And guest London tells the story of meeting her girlfriend (it involves a lot of cross-Atlantic travel).  

We want to hear your stories and tips on dating in DC (and hear how our 5 tips work for your dating life!), so use #IRLDCdating to send us your stories. You can find us on Twitter at @dcdiarypodcast and follow Jon at @Savittj.  

S1 Ep.4: Where It Feels Like Home

October 3, 2017

When you live in DC, chances are most of your friends grew up somewhere else. And whether home is inside or outside the beltway, it seems like we're always missing somewhere. Our guests are from South Dakota, Colombia (by way of Virginia), Afghanistan (by way of New Mexico), and Washington, DC. Hear how homesickness affects each of them, despite their different backgrounds.

S1 Ep.3: Busyness as Usual

August 3, 2017

In this episode of DC Diary, hear your stories from our recording happy hours on stress and burnout. Also featuring an interview with an entrepreneur about reaching her breaking point.

Recording Booth at the Agora

August 2, 2017

We are so excited to share that we will be bringing the DC Diary recording booth to the Agora - DC's largest outdoor public affairs marketplace. We will be joining hundreds of advocacy professionals on George Washington University's campus to record their stories. Are you a DC advoacy professional? See you there! 

About: The Grassroots Professional Network (GPN) in partnership with George Washington University's Graduate School of Political School of Management (GSPM) and The Hill are hosting the Agora "The Marketplace for the Government Relations & Public Affairs" Industry. Join hundreds of advocacy professionals for an outdoor marketplace, network with industry peers, and sample the latest technology, tools, and trends. Make sure you visit the center stage to listen to live fireside chats hosted by GPN, GSPM, and The Hill's leadership.

When: August 31st from 3pm-6pm

Where: University Yard. H Street between 20th and 21st Streets, NW on the urban campus of The George Washington University in downtown Washington, DC.

Who: This forum is for government relations, advocacy, grassroots, PAC, public affairs, public relations, lobbying, and political professionals from entry level to the C-Suite.


Garden Party Event Ticket Giveaway

July 6, 2017

Hello party people - we are doing a *TICKET GIVEAWAY*!

We're hosting a Garden Party with Time On The Hill on July 20th from 5:30-8:30 pm near Capitol Hill. Think: Hill staffers, cold Heineken, and fresh-cut cigars.

This event is invite-only, but we want you to be there! And we have five pairs of tickets to give away to you and a friend, but (of course) there's a catch. To help us with the next episode of DC Diary podcast, we want you to answer the question: What has caused you the most stress in your life and why?

You can send us a story, an anecdote, or a rambling list of bullet points. You can type it out, or record it on your iPhone. We'll pick our favorite submissions and send you two tickets to the event! And we'll record those stories in the sound booth at the party.

We are sooo looking forward to hearing from you! Send your submissions to

DC Diary is Leaving Goat Rodeo

June 19, 2017

To our friends and followers: 

Shortly after I founded DC Diary, I joined the Goat Rodeo audio network to produce and shape the show. Together, we have grown DC Diary from just an idea to a compelling podcast and burgeoning social network. As the founder and host, I am proud of the work we have done in partnership with the network. 

At the end of June, DC Diary will be separating from Goat Rodeo. It is my hope that we will find another partner organization to support our production, but for now the show will be produced independently, including hosting recording happy hour events. We hope that you will continue to follow and engage with DC Diary - there are plenty of exciting things on the way. 

-Stephanie Logan
Founder & Host 
DC Diary

S1 Ep.2: Is Happy In My Five Year Plan?

May 30, 2017

Hear from a former DC police officer and a life coach as we explore what happiness means and what it takes to achieve it.

Happy hour clips in this episode were recorded at an event with Bossed Up ( and the Women's Information Network (

Recording Happy Hour: Bossed Up & WIN

April 15, 2017

We are excited to announce that our April Recording Happy Hour will be in partnership with Bossed Up and WIN (Women's Information Network). Here's a little bit about each organization. 

Bossed Up: A holistic career coaching organization empowering women to craft healthy, happy, sustainable careers – for life! We’re here to help you write your own come-up story with a squad of boss women supporting you every step of the way.

WIN (Women's Information Network): WIN informs, connects and empowers women by providing opportunities to network with other women, serve in a leadership position, gain valuable professional and political skills, and give back to our broader movement for political and professional equality.

We can't wait to capture the stories from the women running things around here.

The event will be at Local 16 on Wednesday April 19, 6-8 pm. There's only a few spots left, so RSVP ASAP here.

S1 Ep.1: Inside the Beltway

March 21, 2017

Hear from a consultant, Hill staffer, and former White House advisor on what it's really like in Washington, DC today. First hand, from the capital, here’s what it’s all about.

What you’ll hear on this show is stories that are told in one on one interviews and candid conversations from the recording booth at our DC Diary happy hour events. You won’t catch these kinds of stories on your nightly news, your morning update, or your newsfeed. Because this show isn’t about the politics or policy - it’s about people.