Awesome Foundation Fundraiser

February 12, 2017

Throughout the last couple weeks, we've been thinking a lot about what it means to be part of the DC community. As this new administration begins to establish itself, it sometimes feels like the best parts of Washington are in jeopardy. We love all the art and music and culture and amazing events that go on in the city. And while we're so energized to see so much activism (protest is the new brunch, am I right?), it can feel at times that the scary changes from this administration are crowding out our favorite things.

So, we're excited to announce that for our February happy hour, we're partnering with the DC chapter of the Awesome Foundation! The Awesome Foundation gives micro-grants of $1,000 to local groups to put on events and fund community projects. We will be raising funds for the Awesome Foundation so they can continue to help keep our community vibrant and awesome. At DC Diary Happy Hour, we will have a donation jar. They also take donations by PayPal and Venmo (hey, millennials), so consider making a donation if you can't make it to happy hour (or if you don't carry cash) by sending funds to AwesomeFoundationDC [at] gmail [dot] com. Check out some of the cool stuff that the Awesome Foundation does at