Welcome to DC Diary

Our Mission

DC Diary facilitates relationships that go beyond a business card. We bring together a community of DC professionals, and provide a platform to share your stories, experiences, and personal narrative in an authentic way. Through our flagship publication, DC Diary Podcast, we share these experiences with others.

About the Host

DC Diary is hosted and produced by Stephanie Logan. Using her knack for asking too many questions, Stephanie helps to tell the stories of others. You can find her at happy hour drinking elaborate cocktails or whatever Washington wine is on the menu. 

About the Executive Producer

Adam is a multimedia journalist and recovering sports writer hailing from suburban Chicago. A graduate of Miami University (that's the one in Ohio), Adam spends his days producing radio and podcasts by day and either cursing or celebrating his status as a Chicago sports fan depending on the season. His happy hour drink of choice is a whiskey sour or a good wheat beer.