Recording Happy Hour: New Beginnings

January 24, 2017

Things are a'changin'. To some of us, it feels like a new beginning. To others of us, it feels like the beginning of the end. Come by our February Recording Happy Hour and share your stories of transitions, opportunities, uncertainty, and change. I think we can all agree that a night of good drinks and good company is exactly the catharsis we need.  RSVP here

We're moving to WEDNESDAY nights and relocating to the Pub and the People. Also, the event invite is for 6 - 9 pm but come whenever you want and stay however long you like. I'm not here to tell you what to do.

Here's the short version: come hang out with us, have a drink and swap some stories, hop into our recording booth and put some of it on the record, and keep an eye out for the DC Diary Podcast where you can hear the recordings from happy hour. 

Here's the long version: when you're a Washington, DC professional looking to expand your social circle, meet interesting people, or just grab a drink on Wednesday after work, your options can be limited. Here's your solution. Come have a drink (or a few, we don't judge) with other interesting people at DC Diary Happy Hour. Loosen your tie, slip into flats, leave your networking Best Behavior at the door, and come join us.

The premise is simple. You bring a story to share, and we bring the good times. Every DC Diary Happy Hour, we want you to share your stories and experiences with each other: war stories from the campaign trail, how you came to be a Washingtonian, or the first time you had to ask yourself, "what am I doing here?"

DC Diary is a collective of audio recorded experiences and stories from Washington, DC professionals. At Happy Hour, our sound booth will be ready and waiting for you to record an anonymous Entry. And if you're not sure where to start, don't worry, we have prompts.

DC Diary is part of the Goat Rodeo audio network.